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This blog offers a collection of free online software applications in various domains of interests. These applications can be used directly on the blog or you can import them into your website by entering a specific HTML code (code snippet) or as a Google Gadget. For more details of how you can use snippets or Google Gadgets into your site see the help section.
Basically, these applications are hosted on following websites: Wikitools.ro and Wik.ro. If you want to use these apps into your website, please read Terms and Conditions first.

If you like this blog and want to continue to write new applications, just click on the ads in the blog. This way, you will help me to improve my hosting services for my website - Wikitools.ro - which is the host of all apps that you see here.

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This blog contains a collection of free online applications from various domains. These applications mostly are implementations of some algorithms and are accompanied by the explanation of implemented algorithms, so that the user can understand the function and usefulness.
Most of these algorithms are used in everyday life without even realizing it, for example: credit card codes, international bank account number (iban), QR codes and more.
This blog was developed using the free snippets or Google Gadgets that resides on 2 websites: Wikitools.ro and . These applications were created to verify the validity of codes or, in some conditions (EAN13, QR), to generate a graphic representation of those codes.

For those who want to embed these applications in their website or in iGoogle page, there are two ways you can import: by using a snippet (XHTML code reusable) made ​​available within the application description or using a Google Gadget code that implements the application.
You can also share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter the page with the apps from this blog.

How can you embed an html snippet in your website:

Example of html snippet you can import:

<iframe frameborder="0" height="180" src="http://wikitools.ro/indexmute.php?action=qr" width="680"></iframe>

You can copy this snippet and paste it anywhere you want in your website, as a html code. You can modify the parameters width and height so the iframe window can fit in your webpage. Using this kind of html code (iframe) the page can contain the application without hosting the files involved in the application.

How can you embed a Google Gadget in your website or in your iGoogle page:

What is a Google Gadget? Basically, a Google Gadget can be used like every codes snippet described above. The main difference is that the Google Gadget must respect some implementation standards defined by Google. It can be controlled in with and height parameters too, from a special section of Google Gadget import tool.

Example of Google Gadget code snippet obtained from GModule webpage:

<script src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/106661069079336290788/qrgr.xml&synd=open&w=300&h=300&title=QR+Code+for+your+website&border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&output=js"></script>

You can control the Gadget in with and height by modifying the w and h parameters in the gmodule URL.

The applications which can be embedded in your website or in iGoogle page as Google Gadget have 2 kind of buttons:
First button is for importing the gadget in your website and second is for importing it in your iGoogle page.

If you want to propose me to make some new applications, you can send me an email at webmaster@wikitools.ro