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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Find the Best Route between Two Cities

I wrote this application because i've seen that in many business websites, on contact section, the information about the location of that business is very poorly. As a personal experince, last summer, it was a little bit difficult for me to find the location of a hotel where i spent my vacation in chalkidiki, using just the information provided on the hotels website and the emails from the manager of the hotel.

They wrote to me, that I can reach to the hotel very simple: passing the pefkochori town, 2 km ahead, from the main road, it is a small road on right and in front of the road is a big indicator with the name of the hotel. Following that little road until the end, I shall reach to the destination. For some reason, they didn't provide me the geographical coordinates, so I can use my navigator gadget.

Passing Pefkochori, I spent half an hour trying to find that little particular road on the right. Finally, I remarked the very big colorless sign with the name of the hotel, among 4 other signs, bigger than the one I search it.

So, an ideea sprouts in my mind: what if I do a small application, that anyone can put in his business website, to provide a route starting at the location selected by your website visitor and potentially customer or determined through the web browser of your visitor / customer and having as destination the location of your business.

I coded the application, and here it is!

Don't panic, it's very simple tot include this widget in your website by copying the following code:

<!--/Start WikiTool Navigation/-->
<iframe src="http://www.wikitools.ro/indexmute.php?action=rt&ul=s&dlat=__YOUR_BUSINESS_LAT__&dlong=__YOUR_BUSINESS_LONG__" frameborder=1 height="__YOUR_FRAME_HEIGHT__" width="__YOUR_FRAME_WIDTH__">
<!--/End WikiTool Navigation/-->

This code is safe to be included in your website. It is safe for you and also for me.

To make this code to work properly, you must replace the parameters that I revealed: width and height of the frame where the application will work and latitude and longitude where your business is situated.

Benefits of using my application in your website:

- first of all, it provides to everyone a way to reach to your business;

- the route to your location is literarly explained in the right panel, so your customer shall not need to have a navigator to reach your business;

- if you click the HINT in the yellow box, your customer shall see a 4 day weather forecast in your area;

- your customer can use this application from the mobile phone from any part of the route to you and see the route explained in details;

- using this web widget (code), your website shall be included in the directory I intend to create, so, in that way, your business shall be more visible to your customers.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Weather conditions at your location and 4 day forecast, using Google map

This application displays the weather conditions in area of where your website visitor is situated. The geographical coordinates are taken from the website browser of your visitor.

To see the forecast from another location, you can enter the name of the city by hand, and then click "Go to location".

If you want to safely include this widget in your website, just copy this code (you can modify the width and height of the iframe tag according to your needs):

<!--/Start WikiTool Local Weather Conditions/-->
<iframe src="http://www.wikitools.ro/indexmute.php?action=wl&cod=1" frameborder=0 height=180 width=680>
<!--/End WikiTool Local Weather Conditions/-->

If you have a business in tourism and want to display on your website the forecast in your geographical area, you can enter in the iframe's src field an URL of this kind "http://www.wikitools.ro/indexmute.php?action=wl&cod=1&lat=__YOU_LATITUDE_COORD__&long=__YOUR_LONGITUDE_COORD__"

Here is an example


Sunday, November 3, 2013

IP to country / IP to location

If you want to include the IP Widget in your blog, just copy this HTML code:
<!--/Start WikiTool IP to Country/-->
<div id="client_ip"><center><p id="p_client_ip">IP:</p><p id="c_client_ip">Country:</p> <a href="#" target=_blank id="a_client_ip">See exact location</a> </center></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.wikitools.ro/indexmute.php?action=remoteip"></script>
<!--/End WikiTool IP to Country/-->